Monday, 31 January 2011

The Old Inn, Hutton

The Old Inn in Hutton village is a place I have driven past twice a day for more years that I care to think about.  Hutton is a Britain in Bloom village - they seem to win an award every year! And there is a strong sense of community - every year they have their own cider making festival, where villagers are encouraged to donate their unwanted apples in exchange (if they want it) for the cider that is then produced. What a wonderful cooperative idea! 

The Old Inn is the only pub in the village (unless you count The Walnut Tree on the outskirts - which most people don't!)  The Landlord, who took over a couple of years ago, used to have The Coopers Arms in Highbridge (when it was a proper pub and not the dive it has since become) so he knows a thing or two about running a pub ...

It's a Saturday lunchtime, a gaggle of locals surround the bar and one or two couples are sat at the tables finishing or awaiting meals. Once again it's either a pint of Thatcher's Gold or Stowford Press on offer. I take the Gold. And a seat near the woodburner. The Old Inn might be so named, but it's not as old as some parts of this Doomsday Book-mentioned village, everything is clean and tidy, although the decking at the front looks to have had a fair few cigarette butts stuffed between the gaps and looks to be a fire risk to me!!

A red light above the kitchen door signifies that my tuna baguette is ready and the waitress/barmaid brings it over.  Again, it's a foot long white baguette, the tuna and mayo filling leans more to the tuna side than the mayo, which some might find perfect, but I like a good even mix! The salad garnish comprises a handful of mixed leaves - including rocket (yay), 2 slices of cucumber, some sliced pepper, half a tomato and some cress.  And what seems to be the obligatory handful of crisps. Once again, half the baguette is consumed and the rest goes into the napkin for dinner.

Although this time, I don't get to eat it for dinner, as I walk into the house later I am greeted by the dogs - one of whom (unbeknownst to me) sticks his head into my handbag, extracts the napkin-wrapped leftover and swallows it with what must have been one bite.

I shall give a mark out of five for the cider availability, another mark out of five for the tuna baguette, and a further mark out of five for the general atmosphere of the pub ...
So on that basis The Old Inn scores ... 2 - 3 - 2

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