Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lamb and Flag, Cribbs, Bristol.

It’s Tuesday. I’ve been shopping at The Mall. I’ve a couple of hours to waste before going to the 02 Academy. 

Pop in here and have a bite to eat and a drink maybe?

It looks like a pub … but it’s a Harvester.  Harvesters like to pass themselves off as pubs. But they’re not.  Not by any stretch of the imagination

For example … the only cider they offer is draught Strongbow or Blackthorn or perhaps a tempting bottle of Magners. Original or Pear.  Bleugh. Stop it now.

A gaggle of shop workers come and join me at the bar, this is obviously a regular stop off on the way home.  Poor dears.

But perhaps, despite the bar, it’s a pub-food serving restaurant?  Maybe.  But what’s all this about “as much salad as you can eat”?  What sort of respectable pub-goer wants to eat salad?

And there’s no jacket potatoes or sandwiches on the menu … it’s all steak, grills and combos.  It’s monstrous and I want to leave right now.

At the table behind me sit a couple of young men.  One of them asks the waiter if he can “Get a spit roast please” … and then he and his partner go back to discussing the benefits of cruising. It’s a few moments before I realise that they mean the high seas variety! But it’s sad that this was the highlight of my visit – and purely down to my childish sense of humour …

Cider 0
Food 0
Atmosphere 0

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