Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Prince of Waterloo, Winford

After a pleasant morning visiting a cemetery in central Bristol thoughts turn to lunch … there are plenty of pubs around here, but after the sublime peace and tranquilty I’ve enjoyed already today I can’t face the hustle and bustle of a busy place.  

And so perhaps today is a good day to pop into The Crown at Churchill for some real cider and a sandwich?  Alas, a traffic jam on the A38 before the airport coupled with the fact that the clock is ticking means a diversion is in order.  And so we head out towards Chew Magna, stopping off in Winford to visit the Prince of Waterloo.

For such a huge pub it also manages to pull off the quaint look – thanks to the proliferation of wood, beams, low ceilings and flagstones.  There’s a restaurant, a normal bar, a lounge bar and what is described as a “sports bar” – an area with a big television, chairs and squishy sofas – something for everyone indeed!
So what’s on offer for the discerning cider drinker? The Prince is another one of those “real ale” pubs – priding itself on a changing stock of beers – but when it comes to cider it’s Blackthorn, Thatchers Gold or Stowford Press.  Ah well. I had a half of Stowford yesterday, so I’ll go for the Gold today.
Because it’s Sunday the pub is in full swing offering two course lunches – including a choice of  beef, lamb, chicken or pork with all the trimmings for £8.95.  But I don’t want a big meal and ask about sandwiches.  The barman is a bit confused, but the manageress is sat our side of the bar enjoying her day off and she tells him to hand over the light lunches menu.  I can choose from a tuna and mayo jacket potato, a tuna, mayo and red onion salad, a tuna and cheese Panini, but the only baguettes on offer are cheese salad, BLT, ham or sausage and onion.  More negotiation ensues …

Ten minutes later my tuna and mayo baguette arrives, complete with salad garnish of lettuce, peppers (all colours), onion, tomato, cucumber and cress.  Oh, and a handful of those tortilla things I keep having to try despite the fact that I know I don’t like them. Sadly I'm not very hungry (probably something to do with the lashings of birthday cake I had last night) so half the baguette is placed neatly into the handbag for consumption later in the day.

On hand to entertain me I have the local football expert who berates the members of the village football team for their performance in the game yesterday and I also listen to the latest gossip about who has been arrested for what lately - being cheeky to the local police officer seems to be a favourite past-time here! 

Cider – 3
Tuna – 3 (can’t understand why it’s not an option on the menu!)
Atmosphere – 3

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