Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

It’s a sunny Thursday and I have a … day off.  I’m supposed to have had a week off, but I always find that things never go to plan. So what to do?  How about a trip to drool at the Beach Huts in Lyme Regis?  Two or three years ago I was very taken with the idea of buying one that I saw for sale at £20,000.  But I was talked out of it - it’s another one on the list of things I want but which I’m not allowed because “it’s not practical”, the list also includes chickens, a campervan, and an Aston Martin.   

A few hours later we arrive. Just in time for lunch. Woo hoo. Normally a visit to The Royal Standard for a crab sandwich and a pint of something would be in order, but today it’s a bit too cold to sit out in the unsheltered garden, so I opt for a table on the verandah of The Harbour Inn.  A glass of Thatchers Gold is brought forth, although actually I’m so cold I would have preferred a hot chocolate!  This being Lyme Regis when it comes to sandwiches the preferred fish-style filling option is “locally caught Lyme Bay crab”, so a crab baguette it is.  And it’s huge. More of a crab half-a-loaf.  I manage to eat half and the other half is placed in the rucksack (it’s too big for the handbag) for consumption later in the day. 

I wouldn’t really describe the Harbour Inn as a pub, it’s more of a beachside café which serves alcohol … many of the “pubs” in Lyme Regis fall into the same category. And the one’s which aren’t beachside still seem to be more food-based than beer. In fact, I’ve been to about nine pubs in Lyme Regis and only one would be what I would call a “proper” pub (The Nags Head, which is slightly out of the town centre). But then Lyme is a very popular destination for trippers, so it’s understandable that these establishments cater for their needs. 

A pleasant hour is spent mackerel fishing … the boat owner tells us a few facts about the town, he points out the beach huts and informs us that late last year one of those sold for £40,000 … hmmmph. Not only could I have been the proud owner of a beach hut for a few years but if I’d decided to sell I could have doubled my investment! Typical. As revenge I decide to leave the other half of the crab baguette to fester in the rucksack for a week …

Cider – 2
Tuna -  2 (crab)
Atmosphere – 1

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